FigurePrints® News Archive

12/23/2008  -   Neoseeker goes behind the scenes.

They visit our secret manufacturing facility in this article.

10/13/2008  -   BlizzCon 2008 interview in WoW Insider.

Read about the latest info from the show at WoW Insider.

3/13/2008  -   FigurePrints® discussed in Desktop Engineering Online

Check it out here.

3/12/2008  -   ComputerWorld on 3-D printing and FigurePrints®.

Read all about it at ComputerWorld.

12/12/2007  -   FigurePrints® in the Wall Street Journal.

Learn more about 3D printing in this article featuring FigurePrints®.

12/11/2007  -   FigurePrints® Podcasts.

Listen to in-depth interviews with FigurePrints® on The World of Warcast and on The Video Game Outsiders.

12/11/2007  -   Launch coverage.

Find out more about the company and its creators in articles from The Seattle Times, The Seattle PI and the The Mercury News.

12/11/2007  -   FigurePrints® Launches!

Here is the official press release.

12/4/2007  -   Dell announces XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition with FigurePrints®!

Read about it here.

12/4/2007  -   Randy Deluxe from The Instance podcast sees FigurePrints® for the first time.

Click here to watch.